Entrevista a
Flóra Anna Buda
Realizadora de "Entropia"
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Entrevista Flora Anna Buda

João: Your work has an incredible force. When watching you short for the first time I felt like I was seeing something oniric almost like an animated tarot. Could you talk a little about entropia?

Flóra Anna Buda: I wanted to write a story which is following the logic of the creative mind: not necessarily linear and which has not only one storyline. This is basically a coming of consciousness film. I just wanted to make an experiment and talk about a life cycle from order to chaos. 

J: In a interview to Teddy Award you’ve said that when you were writing Entropia you were trying to find yourself. Do you feel that directing Entropia somehow led to a change in your life?

FAB: I think so. I also think change would have come anyway but it definitely helped to see things from different perspectives. At the end of the production I learned a lot about animation, teamwork and I improved my thoughts about myself and other people around me.

J: Entropia was your graduation film how do you see the importance of animation schools.

FAB: I graduated at MOME, Budapest, which is a special place to study animation. If you go there you get the chance to learn about animation production but each year the focus is on developing your own artistic world and to become a director. I had the chance to visit some of the biggest animation schools in Europe and each of them are focusing on different things. Since animation is pretty diverse, it is important to have these different schools but it is also important to know which part of the industry do you want to focus on.

J: What influences you in your work?

FAB: So far memories and thoughts are the main inspiration, also I care a lot about dreams and many times I use them as parts or elements of the story. Sometimes there is only a mood that inspires and I start drawing and then an idea comes and starts up the creative process.

J: Can you talk about your future projects.

FAB: Yes, the film I’m working on right now is also an animated short. It is about a woman who turns 27 and she is still living with her parents. She has no privacy hence no relationship either. I will try to show an honest picture about someone who stuck between childhood and adulthood. It will have two storylines, one is the reality where she is not satisfied with her life, and the other one is an adult movie about her sexual fantasies. Right now I’m in Denmark at an artist residency, finishing the preproduction of the film.

João Apolinário